The Existence of Others

A very interesting and short podcast from My own Shakespeare. Playwright David Hare chooses a speech from Macbeth (Act 3 Scene 1) as the piece of Shakespeare which has inspired him most. Read very well by Chiwetel Ejiofor (Of the 12 Years a Slave Fame) Download MP3 If you are a fan of Shakespeare, or want to know more about his work through how others see it, I recommend you subscribe to this podcast. My Own Shakespeare Continue reading The Existence of Others


“Anonymity and iconography in contemporary protest culture” It will serve well for philosophers of photography and other students of visual culture to read this article. Research in visual cognition and social psychology has demonstrated that faces displaying extreme emotional states, particularly anger and anxiety, are detected far more quickly than those bearing happy or neutral expressions. This anger–superiority hypo­thesis was sustained through various experiments conducted by psychologists in the 1980s. Test subjects were asked to identify ‘emotionally discrepant faces embedded in crowds’, and it was observed that people with threatening facial expressions stood out most. Resorting to the unconscious mind – … Continue reading Face/Off