The Flickery Wishlist

I’ve used flickery for a while now and It’s a wonderful offline tool for managing your Flickr account. I had a small interaction on Twitter, with the creator of flickery, Matthias Gansrigler. This conversation was about a feature request on the upcoming 2.0 of flickery, specifically scheduled uploads to Flickr. That’s a feature I’d love to have, because when you upload photos in bulk, the ones that go down the wall get little attention. Also, how nice it would be for folks to see one photo from you everyday. There’s more to the wish-list than scheduled uploads, here goes.

Scheduled uploads (obviously): I’d like to add photos to flickery in bulk (in the upload section) and assign a date and time individually to each photo. For example, I drag ten photos to the upload section, and assign a time of 10:00AM to each photo, for the next ten days. What I’ll have, is a photo that shows up in Flickr, everyday at 10:00Am for the next ten days. I tried this using the current controls, but it posts the photo instantly. The photo in question is here, which has already been posted.



Sorting of Sets: For people like me (and some others) who have many sets, it would be good to have a “sort set” feature. I believe the current order is date of creation. If we can sort the set-list by name, it’ll be easier for us to drag photos onto the sets easily. I’ve used the “Add to Set” feature, and I can always search by the first few letters and select the set, but dragging on to a set would be so much easier. I’ve seen the set and group controls for 2.0 and that’s a very nice feature, however, if I’d like to assign photos to a set later, the sorting would be useful.

Searching: Currently, the search feature does not search beyond the first few pages displayed in flickery. When I have to search for a photo that was uploaded a few years and a few thousand photos ago, I have to go to to search. It would be good to be able to search for all my photos.

Location: I am not sure exactly what’s new for assigning locations to photos (please offer an option to use Google Maps – Apple Maps in India is pathetic!)

Hope this helps! All the best, waiting for 2.0!


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