Online Grocery Shopping

Mom’s old school. She likes to see things before she buys them. Photos don’t work for her. So, it took us a while to get on to the online grocery shopping bandwagon, in India.

Having done this often in the UK, with Tesco, the expectations are fairly well-defined. It is unfortunate, that we automatically expect some degradation in service quality, when it comes to India. I told myself not to fall in that trap.

There were two options for us: Local Banya and Big Basket. Both services seem identical in terms of the services they offer. Both also seem identical in terms of the produce and the quality of the photos of products (I’ve yet to receive my order, so I cannot comment on the quality of the product)

So I headed to their Twitter timelines to see what they are all about. People would have written about them, asked questions, complained, praised – that perhaps would give an idea of which one was better. Here’s what I discovered:

Big Basket has lesser tweets and followers. But it engages with its users on the timeline openly. Including the apologies and 10% cash backs for mistakes. So the open apologies led me to think that there would have been several complaints. Yet, what I thought was important is that they are interactive with their customers (more replies than promotional tweets). Local Banya has been tweeting for a while, has more followers – and follows many people. There are hardly any open complaints about services. But they follow a lot of people – so problem resolution may be happening through DMs? Or, simply their service is just great!

I did however go with Big Basket, even if there’s a problem – there seems to be better response.


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