Diigo: Survival of the Fittest

Darwin discovered natural selection, which went on to be made popular by Herbert Spencer as “the survival of the fittest.” Yesterday, I saw it being applied to Web 2.0. I have been a del.icio.us fan for some time now. del.icio.us is synonymous with social bookmarking, in fact, for all practical purposes, they invented it. In fact, I switched back from Firefox 3beta because there was no del.icio.us support.

Yet, del.icio.us never came out of Version 1 of this Web 2.0 phenomenon.

Along comes diigo. del.icio.us on steroids!

Changes the way you will use and share (and I really mean share) bookmarks. What they have done to social bookmarking is not rocket science, but they have done it. What they have done was never difficult, but being the one who does it first makes a lot of difference. I have happily switched from del.icio.us to diigo.com. And I am thrilled using it the last 18 hours.

Highly recommended!!!

I am an addict of all things Web 2.0. There is only one cure for it — subscribe to more and more things that seemingly make life simpler and interesting. Oh, how I love to be here!


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