Typical of HT (and other Newspapers)

A consultant psychiatrist at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Khandelwal records fascinating vignettes of daily life at himalayanadventurer.blogspot.com. He writes about the effects of static electricity that result in ‘powerful’ handshakes, eccentric food habits, hikes on the ice shelf and the saga of a Skua bird family nesting near the station.

Indian blogs live from Antarctica for the first time- Hindustan Times

Why is it so difficult to have that blogspot URL as a link in the article? This was a web-based article. And all that is web-based is better when it is hypertext. Go digital, but continue thinking paper. Classic , innit?

It is not too difficult. Here, see how you create a link to a blog: http://himalayanadventurer.blogspot.com


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