Gender-biased Outsourcing

If you have it in you to ride the galloping wave in the Indian Outsourcing Ocean, then you cannot have missed what Maria Arbatova had to say about bachelor outsourcing.

The import of eligible bachelors from India is my big geopolitical idea

It’s a fair idea, I’d say, except if some of the get-the-women-votes kind of politicians are also reading this. It is a fair idea, but not fair to the fairer sex. (Is that phrase allowed nowadays?) The concept of fairer sex will anyway be a confusing one for the coming generations – what with all the fairness creams for men. But I digress.

I believe, that the above mentioned politicians in India won’t quite like it. I can think of two reasons, am not sure which one will hold more weight.

One, the men that the women here rightly deserve (oh, just by geographical proximity and such) will dwindle and there may be fierce competition. Two, they will want equality in this too – why this bias in the economic gain? Find us a country where we could export women too!

The second reason has more meat, in any case the insensitive Indian male is better off in insensitive Siberia.

She also says:

Attracting Indian bachelors to Russia should be a government policy, she argues, or Russia will soon have two crosses to bear – one of its own male deaths and the other of the Chinese birth rate.

What visa category would apply, I wonder?


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