What’s with RSS Bandit?

My recentest mostest favourite RSS reader.

Here’s the deal:

    • Can read secure (authenticated?) feeds. Very important for me from a work perspective.
    • Does some nice thing called favicons – assigns WordPress or Flickr or Blogger (or custom) icons to feeds. Good way to organise content?
    • Allows direct comment posting!!!
    • Works. Like (you know what!)
    • Gives alerts. Customisable alerts, i.e.
    • Gives options for look and feel for items (not very important – but nice feature)
    • Stable since their last version.


      • Allows direct post of items to del.icio.us
      • Allows direct blogging to WordPress (and other blog services) through WLR (Windows Live Writer)
      • Allows selective reading of comments to selective posts
      • Allows me to assign font colours to various types of feeds. Yippee!
      • Allows RSS feeds to Google Alerts equivalent. (No need to check mail now)
      • Looks sexy!
      • Doesn’t take an IQ of a million to set it all up!

      Am feeling good! And How! Did I just achieve Web 2.0 Nirvana or what!

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