ToI’s Bad Design

Yes, it’s pretty much the respected paper as far as the seventh largest country in the world goes. Apparently the IT superpower. However, I can’t help noticing that the mobile version of the Times of India is a small “view demo” button on their main site at the parent browser site.Here is a scenario. You are on you mobile device. Let’s say Windows Mobile 5? Right. Now, you want to access the mobile version of the TOI. Chances are – you do a Google search. What will you search for? Mobile Times of India? Mpaper Times of India? (Hoping that they have replicated the epaper URL format)

Well you won’t find a whole lot with the Google searches. So you go to the parent site. (I won’t honour it by linking it here).

Yet on your mobile device, while you see the “View Demo” under the “mPaper: Mobile Edition” that bloody “pop-up” won’t open on your mobile device. It’s a flash demo – something happens – and you see the wonderful white of the browser.

What level of intellectual thinking does it take to put a simple URL of the mobile edition of the TOI on the site, upfront? Or is it that all the intellectual smarty-pants people have been allocated to make Google-ads look like news pieces so that NRI idiots click on it? Or were they thinking of the locals?

Till such time, they decide and realise that their mobile users need a mobile URL to access the mobile version of the Time of India, the largest circulating newspaper in India, I give you the URL here, without having to view the flash demo on your computer.

Being a leader is much more than self proclamation and circulation popularity statistics.

If I am wrong and there is a better key-word set to find the mobile version of the TOI, please let me know. Will happily correct myself.

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