The Art of Start

Interesting talk [Longish, 39-odd minutes] by Guy Kawasaki. Raises the question, however, of the number of like-minded people. This is the interesting part – which obviously is the start of it all.

What happens after?


2 thoughts on “The Art of Start

  1. Interesting thought but I feel what happens afterwards is a different story and not really the focus. I think the key in his speech is it motivates people to take risk and to think.

    In business, there’s a saying, “You get what you pay for.” In management, you get what you reward. And if what you reward is mistake-avoidance, how can you expect your people to take risks? How can you expect them to stick out their necks if they’ve seen others do it—and have the guillotine blade drop?

    You can’t. But if you’re thinking that you really aren’t in the business of making mistakes, think again. By “mistake” I really mean a well-reasoned attempt that didn’t meet expectations. Mistakes happen when people get creative, when they experiment, when they try to bring a product from conception to the marketplace.

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